Tips on How to Stay Safe While Travelling Solo

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Are you looking for the tips on how to stay safe while travelling solo? If so, then first of all it is important for you to decide on your travel plan. Traveling alone is a kind of test for your confidence, tang for adventure, selflessness and intuition. The people whom you meet during your journey will serve as a mirror for your self-presentation at that very moment. Traveling alone can sometimes turn out to be alienating and lonely and then you would be looking for nothing else than to be completely safe in your house with all your near and dear ones.

However, there is a thrill in travelling alone as you get to know your inner self and also the world around you and that too on your own conditions.

Be sober and flat

This might sound a little uptight, but this is genuinely true when it comes to staying safe while travelling alone. Avoid ordering mixed drinks when you are out travelling all alone. It is quite common to find people mixing deadly and cheap substitutes like ethanol and methanol into your drink. You can obviously indulge yourself in beers, but take notice of the things happening around you. Never leave your liquor unattended and ask the bartender or the waiter to open the beer bottle in front of you. If you are bent on having some drinks then make sure to wear flat shoes or loafers as they can help you in controlling the balance of your body.

How to Stay Safe While Travelling Solo

Do not resist

Whenever you are attacked by a stranger or a miscreant in a new place try not to resist. Meaning you should give them everything that they ask from you. You might have heard of instances when travelers are beaten, tied up and slashed for resisting to such miscreants. Always keep in mind that your well-being is much more valuable than the things that you might be carrying in your bag. However, you can always use some safe precautions to carry your money and other valuables while travelling alone.

Always be alert

Always remain aware of the surroundings you are in. Scan the road or the street before getting out of the car or before unlocking the front door of the car. Avoid talking on your cell phone while you walk down the road or the street, especially when your hands are full with bags. You must always keep in mind that most crooks are always on the lookout of easy opportunities or marks to strike and therefore it is important that you do not make yourself an unwanted target by being careless. Being in a completely unknown place might feel a little frightening as you are not used to that particular place but you should always make it a point to follow some of the basic safety guidelines that you follow even when you are in your own country.

Follow personal security guidelines

There are some additional security guidelines that must also be followed by travelers who are travelling alone to unknown countries. These include:

  • Selecting a room on the fourth or the fifth floor of a hotel.
  • Dressing according to the local custom or casually.
  • Not allowing your room number to be in the lobby or anywhere else.
  • Knowing the exits close to your room in the hotel.

All these points come under the tips on how to stay safe while travelling solo and they should be followed religiously.

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