Little Things that Make a Conference Great

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When you are planning a conference you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about the big decisions, such as the conference venue, the speakers and the catering. These major aspects of the conference will be significant in its success, but don’t forget to pay attention to the little things as well.

Sometimes it is the small aspects of a conference that will take it from an average event to something extraordinary. It is these little details that will really wow your attendees when they arrive at your conference venues in Cheshire and make them talk about your event. So, what little touches can you add that will make your event stand out above the rest? Here some ideas for little things that will really make a conference amazing.

Little Things that Make a Conference Great

  • You know what would really impress your conference guests? When they arrive give them a welcome pack that includes information about nearby places to eat, local attractions, taxi contact info and other valuable tips for someone arriving from out of town.
  • Integrate social media into your event in innovative ways. For example, put up a screen with a live Tweet stream of the event hashtag so that everyone can see the conversation in real time.
  • Take the time to make sure that your Wifi connection is reliable and fast, even if that means spending a little extra. Wifi is essential for a conference venue, especially since your guests will be Tweeting, emailing, Facebooking and otherwise communicating about your event with the rest of the world.
  • Make sure that you have friendly and outgoing people on the floor who can answer questions from event attendees. They can wear a bright shirt or a badge so that everyone can find them in the crowd.
  • Always have directional signs in place throughout the conference venue, such as Carden Park in Cheshire, which are visible and easy to understand, pointing the way to the general session rooms, restrooms, food area and the sponsor area.
  • Create a small space where attendees can have a quiet zone to relax. Sometimes constant networking can be exhausting and people need a refuge to sit in a comfy chair, check their email and have a coffee. This is important because it prevents people from leaving the event when they want a break.
  • Set up designated charging areas with multiple outlets so people can charge their electronic devices. This can be a great spot to sell advertising for your sponsors.
  • Everyone from your company who will be at the event should know all of the details of the conference. When an attendee asks a question they should the answer rather than having to search for someone.
  • It might seem like something small, but lighting can have a major effect on the overall mood of your audience. The lighting of the conference venue should be variable, so you can change it depending on the mood of the presentation. During the question and answer periods and workshops you might want to keep the lights on so that people can take notes.
  • Consider the fact that people use mobile devices more than ever and think about whether you can create an app for your conference attendees that will include helpful information about the event.
  • When you are setting up the seats for the event it is better to set them up in short rows so that people can get up easily and get out without being disruptive to their fellow attendees and the speaker.
  • Think about the order of the speakers so that you can start off with something exciting and also end with a bang. The first speaker sets the tone for the conference and the final speaker is the last thing that attendees remember, so choose them very carefully.

Last but not least, why not consider offering a special surprise for your attendees? Offer them ice cream on a hot and sunny day or hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Set up a fun game or activity that they can enjoy or have a surprise guest speaker that will be fun and entertaining for everyone. Giving your guests something nice that they weren’t expecting will be a great perk that will really give them a wonderful impression of your event.

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