How to Choose Accommodation When Travelling With a Large Group

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The advent of the Internet has shrunken the world for almost every individual and institution from nearly any conceivable perspective you can think of. For instance, people are travelling a lot more nowadays not only locally or regionally but also internationally, compared to what they did before the arrival of the net. Currently, you have greater leeway in planning your itinerary as you browse through countless travel sites that promise to make the tasks of booking tickets, and accommodation reservations less hassling.

Talking about accommodation, it is an unavoidable fixed cost that you have to take into account when chalking your budget. And if you are a travel manager responsible for overseeing travel plans of large groups or leading a big group of family members, friends or office colleagues, finding decent and comfortable accommodation without overshooting the budget becomes all the more necessary. While you are looking for a good hotel or hostel for a large group of travelers, one aspect that you need to bear in mind is that nobody (in the group) would be willing to spend a fortune on accommodation.

When you are travelling, it is obvious that you would want to set aside your available funds for sightseeing, meals, and purchasing souvenirs rather than blocking it for footing accommodation bills. Travelers, these days, are acutely aware that finding a cozy place to rest for the night, at pocket-friendly rates is easy and simple. So, if you are in-charge of overseeing the tour program of a group of 10-15 individuals, finding inexpensive yet respectable large group accommodation becomes imperative after you’ve book flights or train tickets.

Travel managers and tour operators can explore the following lodging options when it comes to selecting large group accommodation without exceeding the group budget.

How to Choose Accommodation When Travelling With a Large Group

Room & Board/Hospitality Exchange/B&B

Room & board is one accommodation option that big tour groups can explore, especially when traveling on a tight budget. With this housing alternative, you not only get a place to rest for the night (or day as the case maybe) but also meals at rates that are eminently affordable. Numerous universities and colleges (and sometimes even hotels) offer their premises to tourists at a nominal fee during the break period in between semesters.

With room and board you get a bedroom for yourself but have to share the kitchen, dining space, and bathroom with the rest of the group and the renter. If you are lucky, you could connect with a local who’d be willing to provide you with a nest to rest in exchange for a similar offer when he or she visits your country. There are many B&B (bed & breakfast) sites that you can also browse through. Some highly recommended sites are ‘Stay4Free’, ‘Hospitality Club’, and ‘Couchsurfing’.

Home Exchange

The ‘Home Exchange’ accommodation system is growing in popularity with every passing day. With this program, you exchange your abode with a travelling group, more often a large family hailing from a different country in lieu of an identical offer. Though you may shy away from exploring this alternative because of security aspects, there are many sites that make the process very safe and reassuring as they make it mandatory for users to go through multiple security and verification layers.


Contrary to your stereotyped perception about hostels, there are numerous boarding houses and hostelries that provide single rooms, double rooms, and private rooms apart from dorm-style rooms. Hostels offer the best value, particularly for budget tour groups.

Short-Term Rentals

Apartment and condominium rentals are somewhat comparable to home exchange programs as the former lets you stay in a well-furnished place with all facilities of a hotel but much cheaper. You can consider this option if your group is thinking of staying in a spot for several days at a stretch. You will come across many short-term rentals in Europe, North America and Australia. One site that you can refer to for a big house rentals is

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