Day Trips and Excursions in and Around London – The Square Mile

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“A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike … we do not take a trip, the trip takes us.”… John Steinbeck.

London, also called the Square Mile is the capital city of Great Britain. It is also one of the world’s oldest metropolis, with its recorded history dating back to the Roman empire. The Thames adds to the beauty and grace of this city which boasts of being the house of some of the world’s most eminent personalities like William Shakespeare, John Milton, William the Conqueror and Queen Elizabeth I throughout its history encompassing over two millennia. It was the controlling throne of the huge British empire for over a century. It witnessed the origination and booming of the Industrial Revolution and also the vast devastation due to the Blitz during World War II. Therefore, the city of London has a lot to offer to the tourist like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Oxford University, St Margaret’s Church, Stonehenge etc. There are many options for the London day trips & excursions. These are briefly discussed below:

Day Trips and Excursions in and Around London

Windsor, Salisbury, Stonehenge and City of Bath Tour

It is a Friday tour for about 10 hours and includes entry into Windsor Castle, Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge, a live guide, a visit to the Bath, complementary lunch and WiFi enabled air conditioned transport coach. All of this is included in a pack costing around $111 only.

Windsor Castle, Bath and Stonehenge Tour

It is much the same as the above tour, except that there is a free walking tour also included in this pack. The walking tour is an informative and fun way to get to know the city closely. It also includes entry into the Roman baths and visit to Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House. The cost of the package is about $129 only and it operates on Sunday.

Windsor Castle, Oxford and Stonehenge Tour

This tour pack includes entry to Windsor Castle, walk of the Oxford, visit to Stonehenge, free Walking Tour, lunch pack and AC bus with WiFi. It is available on Thursday for about $116 only.

Simply Stonehenge Tour

It is a half day tour available in two shifts. Visit and entry into the Stonehenge along with multilingual audio guide is part of the package which also includes luxury air conditioned return transport. It costs about $60 only.

Leeds, Canterbury, Dover, Thames Boat Ride Tour

The 10 hour tour includes entry to the Canterbury cathedral, visit to Leeds castle, Dover and old Royal Navy College in Greenwich. Lunch pack saves time and money. The end of the day is with a relaxing boat ride in the Thames river. The package cost is about $116 only.

Stratford, Oxford, Warwick Castle and Cotswolds Tour

Costing about $113 and lasting for 10 hours, this tour is a scenic delight as you are driven through the Cotswolds and taken to the birthplace of Shakespeare. The walking tour of the Oxford and visits to Stratford and Warwick Castle will leave you amazed. There is also a free Walking Tour as part of this pack.

The Magic and Mystery – Beatles and Liverpool (First Class) Tour

The package is for about 14 hours which includes a day trip to Liverpool, First class seats in the Virgin trains, Beatles Magic Mystery Tour, entry to the Cavern Club and lunch pack. It is without an escorted and costs about $254 only.

Simply Paris – Escorted Day Trip

The trip to the world’s most romantic city lasting around 16 hours includes an escort, a cruise on the river Seine, entry to the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower and travel in the Eurostar. The cost of the package varies from about $301 to $497 depending upon the additional facilities of transfer, meals etc.

These are the main varieties of ready tour packages being offered by most of the tour groups in London. You may directly customize your package depending upon your requirements. In addition to the above there are walking tours, Harry Potter tours, King Arthur’s Realm Tours etc.

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