Waveney River Centre at Norfolk is a Cool Place for all your Camping Aspirations

admin July 19, 2016 0

Situated in the Southern Norfolk Broads, the Waveney River Centre appears to be an oasis that emerges from middle of nowhere. The place is not only a great spot for camping but is an also known as a glamping site. It is just right next to the water body and surprisingly has a number of well-maintained lodges and restaurants. The place even has B&B rooms to offer. Other activities included are boat rentals and canoes to explore some amazing spots within the Broads National park.

Waveney River Centre, Norfolk

The spot is also a great place if you are among those who would like to go on long walks or cycle rides. A popular indoor swimming pool and children’s play areas is one of the other major attractions at this place. You can virtually do everything from a day-boat hire, canoe hire, cycle hire, river trips, and explore the wildlife.

The place is electrified by the use of solar panels and is quite energy efficient with low-energy lighting across the region. Additionally, almost everything is recycled which has been the major reason for them to bag the David Bellamy conservation award for each year since a number of years. One of the things which has been done at this green Waveney River Centre is reinstating of the foot ferry across the river. This gives access to Carlton Marshes as well as Outlon Broad and has made the car journey from Lowestoft about 6 times shorter now. It is definitely a place to leave all your worries and work to spend a week with your friends and family.

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