Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes in Wales

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Many would be surprised to know that a nature reserve like the one at Merthyr Mawr exist close to Bridgend. The village is at a few miles from the town of Bridgend and is in a pretty thatched condition. However, it stills stands tall as a gorgeous village which has been bestowed with a lot of natural wealth and was home to the 19th century church along with the medieval cross. It is surrounded by a host of Neolithic remains.

Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes

On a visit to this wonderful village, you may park the car at the small car park which is exactly in front of the huge sand dunes. The site had been a witness to parts of Lawrance of Arabia and is home to one of the most remarkable woodland habitat and dune. Walking around the place around the dunes or exploring the adjoining ruins from the medieval Candleston Castle, everything seems so good about this place. There is the popular bridge which is a short walk away from amazing ruins of Norman Ormore Castle. The 52 stepping stones runs across the Ogmore River are believed to have been laid for a girl that used to live inside the castle. Locals say that these stones were used by her to meet her lover who was just across the river.

Today, it offers a perfect setting for a great time with your family and organizing a picnic to have a wonderful day. To reach the place, there are the well-trodden paths that run through Merthyr Mawr NNR. The entire path is steep, sandy and uneven which are not suitable for wheelchairs or prams. Besides the interpretation boards or the toilet near the car park, there is presently no other facility that is available at this nature reserve. But recently, there have been several shops, public toilets and pubs which have sprung up in the nearby villages.

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