Visit Chilterns Cycleway when you’re in Buckinghamshire

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Henley undeniably has some of the best scenic beauties in the UK. It is famous for its rowing tournaments and the regatta. There are various options available for the visitors and you will be spoilt for choice once your there. The regatta just started this week and people from different parts of the world have come up for this spectacle. If you feel out of place and want to visit other interesting areas then you can visit the Chilterns Cycleway.

Chilterns Cycleway

The Chilterns Cycleway is a beautiful road that is surrounded by villages, market towns, tree lined roads and cool pubs. You’ll love to ride around this 170 mile road and experience one of the most beautiful Chiltern in the world. While riding around this road you get to see beautiful surroundings and get a thrilling experience of the culture in this region. For the people who love to go through street markets, they can visit the market towns and buy locally made products. Though the road has small towns in the way but you don’t get to see much traffic and it’s only the market ways that have little traffic.

When you’re in Buckinghamshire you cannot resist but go out to visit each and every section of this region. Henley is not the only place with beautiful spots but there are towns like Amersham, Wallingford, Wendover, Berkhamsted, Princes Risborough and Harpenden. There are 23 sections that range between 4 to 14 miles. You can expect to complete every section one day at a time and one of the best stretch is the one that is between Henley and Parmoor. The section lying between Parmoor to Henley stretches 7.5 mile and is known to be the prettiest road in this region. Make sure you don’t miss out on the Hambledon valley or the Chilterns Valley Winery.

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