Kinshaldy Beach in Scotland is a Perfect Place for a Beachside Barbecue

Ana February 6, 2017 0

The National Barbecue Week is on and people across Scotland are gearing up to find a nice hideout for themselves. Options might seem endless but trying out a place that is less crowded and offers an opportunity to stay amidst nature can include very few. One among them is the Kinshaldy Beach which is pretty good if you are going for a day out with your family near Fife. It can be reached through the long roads of Leuchars and dense pine forest of Tentsmuir. It is basically a forest within a nature reserve and is spread over an area of 50 square miles. It includes large area of white sandy beaches which have been quite popular with the sun shines bright. Ideal for sunbathing, the beach witnesses fast moving tides which is why people are advised not to swim along the shores.

Kinshaldy Beach in Scotland

However, the area of interest is behind the beach where there are benches a number of barbecue stations. These are over a field in one of the forest openings which has marked areas of cycle routes and walking routes that goes through the forest. A walk down the roads can be good for sighting red squirrels, deer and bats. A place of attraction along the beach is the Dragons Teeth which are concrete blocks which were used as World War defences. The beach is also house to some amazing grey seals.

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