Enjoying a Thrilling Ride in the Mountainous Road of Bealach Na Ba

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Scotland is also known for its various rugged roads that form the most essential aspect of its scenic natural background. The most popular among them is Bealach Na Ba which is based in the Highland region of Applecross Peninsula in the country. This mountainous road occupies the third position among the highest road in this country. The twisted, curvy single track road offers spectacular scenic beauty to the travelers. While driving in this road, you have to keep the speed limit within 30 mph.

Bealach Na Ba

The scenic mountain road is also ideal for other outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and others. The curvy road of Bealach Na Ba bears a strong similarity with renowned mountain passes like that of Alps due to its twisted and bended topography with green natural surroundings that form the charming background in the middle. The single track of Bealach Na Ba finally curled downwards towards the remote villages of the region of Applecross. While driving along the twisted single track route of this rugged terrain, you will come across to the popular Applecross Inn to enjoy delicious items like lobsters, prawns and others to rejuvenate their lost spirit.

This mountainous road is normally open in every year except in the months of winter. The construction of this road dates back to the period of 1822 and was asphalted in the year of 1950. This road is not suitable for novice drivers, large caravans and vehicles after first mile.  You must better try to avoid this road during harsh weather condition even acquiring the driving experience. Travelling in this road, you shall have the scope to enjoy the scenic view of Outer Hebrides and Skye. This mountainous road is associated with local folklore of Scotland.

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