Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

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Among the recently developed popular attractions in West Cornwall, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens offers a beautiful sheltered valley for the visitors. The Gardens were open in the year 2012 and ever since have been a popular spot for families and friends to spend time at leisure. It comprises of exotic and subtropical plants besides offer amazing woods, streams and dramatic vistas to the visitors. Additionally, the place presents an evolving programme for high quality contemporary art installations. It definitely promises to be a great British green space for the future. The unique positioning of the garden clubbed with unusual weather certainly adds more to its appeal.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens

Penazance Library Festival which is also termed as the friendliest literary festival in UK, gets organized near the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. It offers a perfect complement to the beautiful landscape at the woody gardens. The contemporary and interactive art installations along with sub-tropical plantings, lush, wide open spaces and woodland is rapidly emerging as a popular attraction in this region. For the visitors, the 1st thing to do when arriving at the venue is to visit the Tremenheere Kitchen which offers delicious cakes and Cornish fare. Moving ahead the St Michael’s Mount offers an enriching experience with the monks around.

Taking some cakes along with you and walking amidst the hidden beauty of the Tremenheere can be a tip on the iceberg. The walk is through the serene twists and turns over the sun-dappled canopies and streams trickling along the valley floor. The carpets of law which offer a unique mix of natural colours and sights makes the visit even more enriching. The perfect blending of art with the nature gives a virtually different and a new experience to its visitors. There is one more must do things here is to check out the elliptical domed chamber and seeing the 360 degree view of the gardens using the obscura. All throughout you may come across friendly dogs and cafes or even pleasant music events during the summers.

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