Cornwall’s Own Secret Hidden Hut Where Feasts Sell off Instantly

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The Cornish Beach Café has been growing in popularity ever since a young couple took over. They serve a range of delights ranging from the slow cooked pork focaccia or the mackerel salad. On a visit here one should not be missing the Cornish Ice cream. A day here at the café along the sea one can witness the calmness of the gentle breezes during July. This beach café comes with a difference where food is served in recyclable cardboard boxes. Customers to this café have the option to sit outside or take the food to their picnic spots nearby.

the Hidden Hut

The café is headed by a 34 year old man named Sallard and his fiancée Jemma Glass who is 29. It’s already been more than 5 years since when they started the café. Stallard has been a chef since the age of 14 and has worked in London as well as New York before moving here. He has also got an award for Good Pub Guide for the gastropub which he had been managing before he started off with the café. This hut is located on the National Trust owned coastal path which is only accessible by foot through the single-track road that has been as it is for the past 70 years.

Speaking about the offerings, the best time is the feast night which has been organised since 2011. It was something that started by mere coincidences and later turned out to be a popular ritual an attraction for visitors coming to the place. Started as an invitation only celebration, now people have to buy tickets online. These tickets are usually sold out the moment they go online for sale. Each evening has a one meal option while one may place a vegetarian only option by a request.

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