Spending an enjoyable summer holiday in a popular beach café of UK

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People who like to spend holidays in beaches can focus on the prospect of enjoying a charming summer evening with yummy food menu in the café of Barricane Beach. It is a popular place of attraction in UK and is based in the Woolacombe coast of North Devon. This coastal beach is notable for the presence of golden sand stretching at a distance of around three miles. It is an ideal spot for family picnic and outdoor activities like sunbathing and surfing.

café of Barricane Beach

This popular beach site offers plenty of opportunity for the visitors to poke around in the surrounding area which normally comprises of least explored routes and rock boulders. Here morning walkers can spot minute shell particles that are tucked in the form of sand in between stone boulders. These shell particles owe their origin in the Caribbean region that has been deposited into this coastal beach for a long period of time. This beach spot is also notable for a café that offers delicious Sri Lankan food items during summer at the evening hours.

Tourists visiting this popular place in UK during an exquisite summer evening will have the chance to experience various oriental curries with perfect mixture of European flavors. Visitors have the chance to either enjoy these delicious menus either in the enclosed corner of the cafe or in the open-air environment of the sand beach. The café also offers delicious food items for kids with crunchy snacks like jacket potatoes. This Devon beach always witnesses the influx of visitors whether in morning or evening. People can also celebrate special occasions in this beach site with beer bottles and other items for merry-making. This beach has acquired a prominent position in tourism map of UK.

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