What to expect when visiting Oxford

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If you are interested in contacting British Tours, yet you don’t want to spend your day travelling too far across the country, Oxford tours from London are a great idea. Oxford is located approximately 60 miles to the west of London, and there is so much to see and do in this ancient university city. Read on to discover what you can expect when going on this type of tour.

The City Itself

The city itself is guaranteed to impress. It has an undeniable charm, and thus you should definitely take some time to wander around. Oxford is filled with narrow alleyways and the 15th century taverns add personality to the area. You could always stop off at one of these places for a bite to eat. Being a university city, you are bound to see plenty of students in the area.

visiting Oxford

New College

The New College is very impressive. Despite the fact that it is called the New College, it was actually built in 1379. It was simply given the name to distinguish it from the oldest college at Oxford, which is today known as the Oriel College. This is located under the old city wall. The chapel here is the highlight, as it still has some of the stained glass from mediaeval times.

Christchurch College

Last but not least, Oxford tours would not be complete without a visit to Christchurch College. This college was actually founded by Henry VIII, and thus there is a lot of history behind it. The college chapel here is actually the cathedral of the city, and the Harry Potter films were modelled on the Great Hall. You will see portraits of alumni on the walls, including the author of Alice and Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, who was a teacher at the college, as well as philosophers, churchmen, and prime ministers.

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