Bodiam Castle is among the certainly one of the most Ingenious castles in UK

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Bodiam Castle is a popular place and most of the people would have already come across its remarkable pics till now. It is certainly one of the most picture-perfect castles which is surrounded by mist around the area. The castle already features in some of the most popular tourist brothers, tea towels, chocolate boxes, etc.

Adding more to its identity is the tag which it has got for being the perfect English Castle. The castle stands tall and is made of grey stones which is well-protected by square battlements and are secured across by drum tower in each of its corners. Visiting the castle gives a great sight with impressive sights and an opportunity to click great pictures.

Bodiam Castle

The Castle was constructed in the year 1385 and it also has an unsolved puzzle like any of the other castles. There are a few stories that revolve around its construction. Some historians believe it to be built due to a Medieval romance while some counter that with a philosophy saying it was built to be a ferocious and formidable castle against the enemies.

The 4 drum towers that are on each of its corners are a magnificent sight where the walls have been studded with the towers along with the outbuildings. This gives it an impression of grandeur and makes it different from the others. It is quite popular amongst the visitors and is serves as a spot for people to meet and spend time with friends and families. Presently, it is being managed by the National Trust and comprises of an obligatory chintzy tea room. It also houses a museum which is exactly opposite to the grand entrance. Be it the winding staircases leading to the battlements or the top giving out amazing views, the castle has been a hot favourite among families during summers.

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