Beverley Minster in East Yorkshire

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Beverley Minister which is among the most notable Gothic churches in Europe is among the many reasons that you should be visiting Beverley. Speaking about the ancient heritage of this town, the market town has remained among the few underrated destinations. Minister is quite large as compared to any of the other UK cathedrals which bestows the marvellous architecture that are part of Gothic masterpieces. The structure is spectacular to look from within and has a 14th century canopied tomb of Percy family. The tomb is considered to be among the finest ones within the country. The columns within the structure is made up of marble, but the real gem is its 70 amazing carvings.

Beverley Minster

The massive structure stands tall at 393 feet with two towers that are placed on the west front that has been considered as one of the best examples for Perpendicular Gothic. On the east, we have the nave It is probably largest among such collections which are found anywhere around the world. Exploring the entire church can be an exciting affair with these carvings spread high and low at various places within the structure. They appear with stone and wood minstrels sported with bagpipes, drums,tambourines, lutes, etc. It definitely reflects the reasons as why Beverley had been among the most important centres of music during the middle ages.

When visiting the church, it would be a nice idea to ask any of the assistants. They are usually pretty happy to help the visitors but might not be available when specific services or events are scheduled. There are several tours that are organized by several travel agencies which is spread for over an hour. Among the pick of the tours, the roof tour is the most popular that makes the visitors be quite close to some of the fabulous stained glasses within the premises.

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