Amberley Museum and Heritage Center is truly a Beautiful Place to Visit in England

Ana May 14, 2017 0

When it comes to studying the heritage of England from the era of Industrial Revolution, there only few resources that are available at the hands of historians. Even in those sources there was no mention of the role played by other regions of UK like that of its South Eastern part into the context of present industrial progress of the country. In such scenario Amberley Museum and Heritage Center deserves special mention as it helps people to know about the contribution of South east in the present industrial prosperity of the nation.

Amberley Museum

The museum was established in the year of 1979 and is quite unique and different from other museums that you have so far visited. It is situated between Arundel and Storrington and comprises of more than forty sections to properly exhibit the industrial history of the region before the visitors. The museum is maintained by a group of volunteers around four hundred and in every section you will find traditional handmade tools, relics, restoring and printing machinery, wheelwright, pottery, bus garage and many more. To put it simple, the museum serves a living testimony to the industrial background of the South Eastern part of England.

It is unfortunate that the place has long been denied of its status as one of the leading places of industrial revolution in the country. With the establishment of this museum it seems there is change in attitude among the people. Among its various interesting sections, Electricity Halls deserves notable mention. Visiting in this section will usher you into the nostalgic retro period that was marked by use of electrical appliances which are quite different from today. After exploring this fascinating museum, you can chill into any nearby cafes for refreshment.

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