Best Places to Travel in Greece

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Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. It attracts the tourists by its amazing scenic beauty and jaw dropping cliffs and mountains. Architecturally, the country amazes by its ancient churches and artwork. The country is in rage due to its culture and nightlife. One can plan for a romantic Greece vacation, as its weather and beaches are perfectly meant for couples. One explores more than the pictures of Greece. Here are some best places to visit in Greece:

Greek islands:

Greek islands

The country provides a vast variety of islands and beaches, of which, Crete, Cyclades, and Dodecanese are the most visited. Crete is a fascinating labor in the dazzling. The island is mainly famous for its pink-sand beaches in the Mediterranean. Cyclades is one of the most preferred romantic destinations for marriage and honey-moon; of which Santorini is the most dramatic and expressive island offering cliff top towns such as Fira and Oia, consisting boutique hotels in Greek islands. Dodecanese is known to be a flamboyant manor on turquois water which provides a vast extravagant market.



Athens is famous for its unique characteristics and museums and popular for romantic Greece vacation. Ancient and modern, with identical measures of grime and grace, hustling and bustling Athens is a piquant mix of history and jumpiness. Iconic monuments blend with first-class museums, dynamic cafes and al fresco feasting – and its out-and-out fun.The superlative Acropolis rises above the rambling metropolis and has stood eyewitness to the city’s many makeovers. Fashionable restaurants, shops and modish hotels, and artsy-industrial vicinities and entertainment billets such as Gazi, show Athens’ modern side.



Thessaloniki is drove by optimism, decadence and just a splash of chaos. Greece’s flourishing second city has monuments and museums to kick history-lovers; it is mostly stroll able and has a more optimistic quality than the Centre. The Centre is fastened with historic sights, from Byzantine walls stringing its quixotic Upper Town to the daunting Rotunda. By night, the city resonates with melody and nightlife, power-driven by an excitable stream of international students and backpackers.



If the ancient Greeks hadn’t elected Delphi as their navel of the Earth and manufactured the Sanctuary of Apollo here, someone else would have thought of a good motive to make this eagle’s-nest city a tourist lure. Its cliff-side position is enormous and, despite its explicit commercialism and the constant route of tour buses through the modern urbanized village, it still has an exceptional feel. Ancient Delphi is 178km northwest of the ancient capital, Athens.



The World Heritage–registered Meteora (meh-teh-o-rah) is an astonishing place and one of the most visited places in all of Greece. The colossal pinnacles of suave rock are ancient and yet could be the situation for a futuristic science-fiction tale. Architecturally, the monasteries above them add to the outlandish and beautiful backdrop. The place contributes in history of arts and culture. With the unique establishment of monasteries, one finds exclusive distinctions in churches as well.

Known for its surfeit of ancient carcasses, white washed towns, reliable sunny beaches, and tasty cuisine and welcoming atmosphere, it is no wonder that the country ranks among top favorable tourist destination. The country offers some jaw-dropping jiffies to those who come with a particular picture in the mindset. So, what are you waiting for? Add the country in your travelling bucket list and discover your wild side.

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