AnastasiaHello from the UK! Thanks for dropping in… cup of tea?

My name is Anastasia and this is my web site. I’m an American who now lives in England with my husband Dave, who is from Manchester. In the years that I’ve lived here, I’ve seen and fallen in love with the country. I’ve decided to finally put my knowledge and love for Great Britain to use… by doing something I love!

I started this site as a complement to my newsletter after discovering that all the sites out there were very general… either American sites featuring any and all countries, or European sites that featured all of Europe. But there’s more to Great Britain than London, and I want to show it to you!

Here’s what I have on this site for you right now!

  • Great Britain Travel Guide Newsletter – a bi-monthly newsletter where I will answer your questions, highlight tips, hotels, and other GB related features! Click here for a sample newsletter, or subscribe here.
  • Surfing Great Britain – links to articles and other sites that you might find helpful if planning a trip to Great Britain, or are just an Anglophile!
  • Ask Ana – this is an area where you can email me your queries and concerns. I will be selecting from these letters to feature in the newsletter, and will be putting the overflow on the web site. I will try my best to reply within a few days, so check back often!
  • Reader’s Tips and War Stories – a place for you to share your experiences from your travels to Great Britain.
  • Reader’s Photo Gallery – your photos from Great Britain!
  • Ana’s Great Britain Photo Gallery – you don’t think I’m going to let you just post YOUR photos, do you?!
  • Feature Articles -original articles from yours truly and others about places to go, things to see and anything and everything about Great Britain!

My goal is to make this a fun, informative site where you can find out about Great Britain, from travellers or me. My main vehicle for this right now will be the newsletter and web site, but as the subscription base grows, I will be adding additional complementary features on the site, such as a bookstore, forums, hotel information, help with itineraries and trip planning, and of course, article archives. I hope you will take the time to subscribe to my newsletter and drop me a line and let me know what you’d like to see here! And please, participate in our survey!